Session Times

Gates & Cafe Open6:30 p.m.
Movies Start7:00 p.m.

Admission (Cash Only - No EFTPOS)

Screen 2 All tickets $7.50
Children 3 years and underFree


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What does "two for the price of one" mean?
At the Tors Drive-In, we screen a double feature program which means that you pay the one low price for 2 movies. Actually we charge much less - often half the price - for two movies here than city cinemas do for one movie.
  1. How does the sound work at the Tors Drive-In?
You can either tune in to our FM radio station, which is 90.5 FM or you can use the speakers the old fashioned way!
  1. Do I need to have a car to come to the Tors Drive-In?
No! Many of our regular customers walk in (or are dropped off) and use the seating in our foyer area.
  1. Do you sell meals?
We have a fully equipped cafeteria and sell old favourites like fish and chips and dagwood dogs and you simply must try a Tors burger! We also have a full range of drinks, confectionery, choc tops and other snacks at very reasonable prices.
  1. Are children welcome at the Tors Drive-In?
Absolutely! We are the ideal family venue for seeing your movies. Dress them in their PJs and if they get tired, they can simply go to sleep in their seat - and then straight to bed when you get home! Kids just love the drive-in because they can go for little walks and are amazed by the size of the screen, the fact that they are with their family in the family car and under the big night sky - it's exciting! Children under 4 are also admitted for free!
  1. What nights are you open?
For session times, you can telephone (07) 4787 1086, go to our web page at, follow us on Facebook, check out our poster boards around town or pick up one of our flyers from many of the stores in town.
  1. Do you cater for private functions?
Yes, we have hosted small functions here at the Tors Drive-In. A minimum group charge does apply for reasonable rates. Simply contact us for more information.